Shady Meadow Dairy Goats

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*B  GCH(Pending) Lit'l Dutch VG Michelob (L1408830) 3/16/07                                Was Co-Owned with June Barthelmeth

      SS:*B Little Orchard BR Triton (L1293542)

Sire: Lit'l Dutch TR Vegas (L1331853)

                 SD: GCH Lit'l Dutch Tootsie 2*M (L1147493)  

                 DS: *B Lucky*Star QM Neutron (L1149481)  

Dam: GCH Lit'l Dutch Snowcap 2*M (L1187516)

                 DD:Little Orchard NM Nutmeg 1*M (L1081526) 


Mic is long deep body boy whose kids are the nicest kids I have seen with the most correct leg structure and are beautiful. I have seen his sisters and his dam and they have the milk and longevity to withstand years of production. I do offer stud service for this big boy, his stud service is $50 then $1 a day if you board a dry doe then $2 a day for a milking doe.

2013 : Michelob finished his Championship at a 4 ring buck show and winning GCH and BOB in 2 of the 4 rings one of those rings being the AMERICAN LAMANCHA CLUB  DISTRICT 3 LAMANCHA SPECIALTY! and he went reserve in the other 2 rings it was was a good day!

There are Pictures of his paternal grandam  GCH Lit'l Dutch Tootsie 2*M in the Gallery  

 Linear History:

2008:+VV 85

2009: VVV 86

2013: EEE 90

Juke's Meadow Bacardi (AL1637999)   4/9/13

    SS: Lit'l Dutch TR Vegas (L1331853)

Sire: *B GCH Lit'l Dutch VG Michelob (L1408830)

            SD:GCH Lit'l Dutch Snowcap 2*M (L1187516

             DS:Yishai Renmad Myron (L1354314)

Dam: CH Juke's Meadow Valery (AL1447336)

             DD: CH Counry-Calico Mc Jasmine (E1186555)



 Bacardi's dam Valery  who appraised 91 and is sired by Michelob. He is a large growthy buck who is black and has lots of promise he was RCH JR  Buck n AMERICAN LAMANCHA CLUB  DISTRICT 3 LAMANCHA SPECIALTY and was champion jr buck in one of the other rings and was RCH in another ring as well, This is an extremely correct buck with smoothness of blending in his front end and a nice strong brisket. He is dairy yet masculine and stands on a near perfect set of feet and legs. Bacardi is long just like his dam, let's hope he puts the udders on his daughters like his sire does!

Rodi Heritage Farms Cyra (S1606319) 5/1/12

           SS: Zoar Farms Destiny's Challenge (S1292421)

Sire:Zoar Farms Rodi Zephyr(S1496638)

                      SD: Zoar Farms Diplomat's Victory(S1427197)

                      DS:*B Aspen-Hill's SC Rodi Burr(S1286496)       

Dam:Rodi Heritage Farms Zoey(S1490453)

                      DD:Araby-Farm April(S1159673) 

This little doe is more of a token saanen then a new breed she just kind of happened on us. She is long and dairy, she is standing on good feet and legs and comes from beautifully uddered does.

Lit'l Dutch Y Titon

 There are Pictures of his dam  Lit'l Dutch TH Violet in the Gallery