Shady Meadow Dairy Goats

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Senior Does

SGCH Chazberry Lane Liktoria's Luna 2*M      1/25/05         EX 90

                 SS: Willow Run VQ Dream Maker

Sire: King-Farm Dream Sir Duke C.J.

                  SD:King-Farm WMV Lita's Dutchess

                   DS: 3-M-Farms Dominique

Dam: 3-M-Farms Lucy's Liktoria

                   DD:  3-M-Farms Lucy (1998 National Champion) 

There are pictures of her dam and rear udder in the gallery






Linear History:

2007: VEVE 90

The Juke's Meadow Maya (E1342942) 50% Nubian 50% LaMancha 5/21/05          

                  SS:The PLF Tonto (AI) (N1164098)

Sire: The PLF Partner In Crime (N1211508)

                SD:The PLF Persistent Nila (AI) (N1159584)     

                 DS:Yishai Bjsar Gustavious (L1265321)

Dam:The Juke's Meadow Mandy (AL1304922)

                 DD: Ch Country-Calico MC Jasmine (E1186555)    


Maya is a long and tall doe with lots of milk. She produces consistant type and stands on exellent feet and legs. her daughter are constiant improvements upon her as she just had one daughter finish that is owned by a neighboring herd and her other daughter was GCH jr grade in both rings at the Maryland Dairy Goat Association show on June 23,2012.











Linear History:

2013 VEVV 87

The Alpine Pasture's JM Gabby (AL1448878) 3/4/08

                 SS:Peach-Valley FZ Renegade (L1272946)         

Sire:Yishai Renmad Myron (L1354314)

                  SD: Yishai Gustlin Madeline(AL1272311) 

                  DS: Yishai Bjsar Gustavious (L1265321) 

Dam:The Juke's Meadow Mindy (AL1304921)

                  DD: CH Country-Calico MC Jasmine (E1186555) 

Gabby is the "old style" LaMancha she is short and wide with a big capatious barrel normally producing triplets. She could use a little more of a capatious udder and better rear pasturens but she improves with her daughters, I had a first freshening daughter out of her that was milking 12# a day and had a very well attached smooth blended fore udder so she can reproducce and improve upon. She is also dry. She normally milks 8# out of easy to milk well placed teats her udder is high and could use more smoothness in her fore udder.



2013: VEEV 88

The Juke's Meadow MM Maddy  (E1489815)38% LaMancha 63% Nubian   2/17/09

                   SS: Skinny Lane Prince Chaps (N1330318)

Sire: The Juke's Meadow Macguiver (N1413938)

                   SD: Kapri-Acres LM Kelli (N1299723

                    DS: YIshai Renmad Myron (L1354314)

Dam: The Juke's Meadow Martha (E1470344)

                   DD: The Juke's Meadow Maya (E1342942)



This is a large powerful doe with a very nice mammary system . She is a power house and puts tons of milk in the bucket.









Linear History :

2013: VVEE 88

Stellular Sables IO (AC1555956) 4/29/2011

               SS: Caprikorn Renov Vanderbilt 

Sire: Caprikorn RV Yoland

             SD: Caprikorn Shark's Veronica

              DS: Patina Grey Yaris  

Dam: Patina Yaris Luna

             DD: Capricorn-Genetics Linda K


Alpine Pasture's MM Clover (E1596201) 75% LM 25%N 2/1/12

           SS: +*B Lit'l Dutch TR Vegas (L1331853) 

Sire: *B Lit'l Dutch VG Michelob (L1408830)

              SD:GCH Lit'l Dutch Snowcap 2*M (L1187516)

              DS:The PLF Partner in Crime (N1211508 

Dam: The Juke's Meadow Maya (E1342942)

              DD:THhe Juke's Meadow Mandy (AL1304922


Shady M-F S BT Sun Dance ( L1627805) 2/6/13

 SS: *B Lucky*Star's Av Yves (L1437253)

Sire: Lit'l Dutch Y Titon (L1470881)

       SD: GCH Lit'l Dutch TH Violet *M (L1329098)

       DS: *B Kickapoo-Valley Wild Zechariah (L1478930)

Dam: K & J Dairy Zech's Breean (L1508885)

        DD: Lit'l Dutch J Bay Breeze (L1470889)


Linear History:

Youngstock  2013: VVVV

Cedar-Creek Caesar Dominique (E1656522)  75% Sable 25% Saanen  5/23/2013

          SS: Cedar-Creek Zippity Black Jack  (C1586088)

Sire: Cedar-Creek Black Jack Caesar (C1622553)

           SD: Cedar-Creek Zippity Bubbles (C1568538

           DS: Cedar- Creek Zippity Black Jack (C1586088)

Dam: Cedar-Creek CCBJ Cricket (E1610712)

            DD: C-Creek Zachary Abigail (E1529568)

Dominique is our new sable doe and has a very well attached mammary system and is milking well at 6-7# a day with just a month into her lacatation.


                                        Shady M-F GB Drunken Extasy (AL1689729)   5/29/14 

SS: *B Lit'l Dutch VG Michelob (L1408830)

Sire: Juke's Meadow Bacardi (AL1637999) 

      SD:CH Juke's Meadow Valery (AL1447336)

       DS:Yishai Renmad Myron (L1354314)

Dam: The Alpine Pasture's JM Gabby (AL1448878)

        DD: The Juke's Meadow Mindy (AL1304921)

Exy is a very deep powerful doe and have excellent feet and leg with a very nice breed type head

Bred to: Flame

                                        Cedar-Creek DJ Euphoric Ears (AC1698473)  05/29/20014 

   SS: Cedar-Creek Black Caesar (C1622553)

Sire: C-Creek Caesar DJ (C1661157)

      SD: C-Creek Valentine Ysabel (C1457885)

      DS: Cedar-Creek Black Jack Caesar (C1622553)

Dam: Cedar-Creek Dominique (E1656522)

       DD: Cedar-Creek CCBJ Cricket (E1610712)

Ears is long and tall and very dairy

Bred To : Evo